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Tongue Consultancy

as a Holistic Practitioner and Midwife I have developed in my 20 years of career this my unique professional characteristic, that is, I ANALYZE YOUR TONGUE and help you get back to health with personalized holistic plans ...

Holistic Fertility Plans

Poor egg, poor quality of the sperm,

an-ovulation … if you want to learn how to purify your body, your uterus, your eggs, sperm and prepare body and Soul for the arrival of your baby, Contact me...

Holistic Menstrual Health

Holistic Plans: Pcos, endometriosis,

hormonal imbalance, menstrual pain menstrual irregularities,blood clots and any type of disharmony related to the female hormonal cycle that you wish to rebalance holistically .Together we will achieve immediate and fabulous results!

Start Your Holistic Healing Journey With Me Today !

Caring, Holistic & Personalized women's healthcare 


I'm here to provide full-scope care for women of all ages from Teens to Post-menopausal

through Holistic health management.

Hi, I'm Serena and I'm an Italian Holistic Midwife, expatriated abroad.
I have over 20 years of career where, in addition to having accompanied many children

during their birth, I have also supported the healing of hundreds of women struggling with

chronic female problems, fertility and autoimmune diseases, discomforts of all kinds,

through my Holistic Protocols.

If you like, look at some of the photos of these 20 years next to women, to get to know me better.

When it comes to holistic women’s health, it is my job to make sure each patient

is truly heard and health problems are addressed in a way that facilitates healing

in all areas of wellbeing including mental, emotional, and physical.

I typically spend up to 2 hours and 30 minutes during the initial appointment

and 90 minutes during the following ones.
In this time I will get to know you better in all your physical , mental and emotional status

in detail and your past, present and future goals. 


my work focuses on the root of your imbalance.

I find this root in the interpretation of your tongue.
Look at these photos, The TONGUE will in fact undergo positive changes

which will demonstrate the rebalancing that has taken place.


 It tells me everything about your Health.

From the discovery of this root I will then propose:

  • a deep drainage of your body from toxins, in Ayurveda they are called AMA,

  • I will take you to the reactivation of AGNI, our life center in Ayurveda,

  • at the same time we will work on rebalancing your intestinal microbiota, restoring health to your intestine