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About Me

I am a woman with many professional characteristics

Hi, Nice to meet you!

I'm Serena Anzilotti ,I am a woman of many shades 

You can find me on Instagram as Serena_ Anzilotti, start following me

there too


I'm a Registered Midwife & Holistic Practitioner with a long History,

exactly 20 years , of working in private Holistic Female Health Care.
I'm specialized in Home Birth and Holistic Female Care. 

I Founded my Female Care center in 2005 with the belief that

Female Health Care should be holistic in approach and include evidence based on Complementary Medicine. 


In my long Carrier I have trained myself in a lot of Specialist in particular I work with  

  • Ayurvedic, Chinese , Moon and Holistic Medicine

  • My job characteristic is Tongue analysis as you can read here.

I'm also a 


Thanks to all these I founded my own professional care programs . 

They have given me a 360 vision on the female health and this permited  me to have all these success.

I'm also a Lecturer in female Health, for over 15 years., and regularly lecture on natural female medicine, holistic gynecology, and holistic midwifery in my Holistic women's training Academy called ASM ACADEMY  and through also online teaching I teach to European medical practitioner and Naturopath.

I have created many holistic health Protocols such as the specific one for Birth Scars, with my Birth Scars Academy I teach how to take care of the

C-section scar and the vulvo-vaginal scar.

Together with my team of Specialists we spread to the medical world the importance of taking care of these scars.

I created a Protocol that is very well known in Italy for Couples with difficulty conceiving. Thanks to it I have helped many families realize their dream of having a child, read here 


I am also the Author of 3 books in Italian, on motherhood

I have a big preparation , I have passion, empathy and I wish to help all my patients feel that.

I am very grateful for my curiosity, for my great desire to learn, to know, I am grateful to Life for allowing me to do a job that is a passion.

This has allowed me to meet thousands of people, to accompany many women at birth, to meet thousands of women in my women's circles.

It has allowed me to bring health and happiness back into people's lives.

I am busy every day on social media spreading correct health information. I do my best with Reel, reflections, images, stories, to help people do prevention, eat healthy and understand how the body works.

I'm waiting for you 


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