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Tongue Consultation

About Tongue Consultation

Start by looking at these results!


Look at your tongue and take a photo of it…

now look at the photo you just took!    

How does this look to you?


I am the only one in all of Europe and beyond to base all my work on Toungue analysis

Do you know that a tongue analysis can tell everything about you?
It talks about your childhood, your life in general, the events that happened to you and it tells every detail about your health.
It can tell me much more things than you could tell me!

In fact, all of my consultancy starts from the interpretation of the tongue, it is a mini-world where

all our internal organs are reflexes : heart, lungs, spleen, gut, gynecological system and so on.

 By observing it you can therefore understand if every single structure is healthy or altered!

A peculiarity is that it tells me the root of all your problems! If you have 6 different problems, such as hormonal disorders, frequent headaches, diarrhea, heartburn, insomnia and so on, the state of your tongue tells me the reason you have all these problems because they are all connected to each other, and that allows me to treat them quicker because I don't treat every single disorder directly, but I will only treat the root and the

re-balancing of which will make all the associated disorders disappear.

The Consultation is going to lasts 2 hours and takes place ONLINE on ZOOM
The results are immediately evident as you can see from the pictures.

Every week you will send me a new photo of your tongue, from which I will understand how you are doing, if  the herbal remedies are working on you and what food you are eating.

I have helped thousands of patients with my holistic approach to be reborn, to take back their health and finally feel well.
The healing journey with me, as my patients say, is a journey to discover yourself , its like taking yourself  by the hand, it is redesigning your path, it is a returning to smiling and feeling well.
Look carefully at the pictures and think about what the change that occurs every week means for the internal organs.
See how the tongue widens, changes the color, the cuts close, the tensions disappear and so on.

The patient is motivated on his path to recovery by the results that he sees every week through the picture and above all by those that he experiences!

Do you know that the entire body also changes?

In fact look at how it shapes itself. This happens because health returns to all our internal systems.


What can I treat?
Every disorder like:
, diabetes, chronic cystitis, chronic candida, low sperm quality, an-ovulation, autoimmune diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, cholesterol, high blood pressure and so on ...

I will tell you which foods to eat and which ones you must avoid eating for your health.
I will advise you  some herbal remedies  personalized to your constitution and

you will really start to feel better from the first days.

Also see how the body shapes itself!
Changes the shape, loses weight and without any strict diet!

These changes are due to the elimination of toxins, the drainage of your microbiota, the reactivation of AGNI,

and much more...

The entire body and the entire you at 360 degrees will return to being healthy.

The price of this Consultation is 250 Euros.

  • The 2 hour and 30 minute consultation

• the weekly reading of Your Tongue and Your Abdomen with targeted advice every week!
• The entire personalized rebalancing Plan 
• The Chinese Nutriceutical Meal Plan specific for your situation
• Hundreds of Video Recipes, recorded to help you cook in a healthier way
• A list of all the personalized remedies and where you can find them
• Also daily support via whatsapp
• A Professional always at your disposal 24 hours a day
I'm waiting for you too!
Your Holistic Female Practitioner

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