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Holistic Post Partum Care

In my career it is impossible to remember or count the number of houses that have welcomed me with trust and hope .

I have encountered the most disparate situations,

I have traveled miles and miles to reach mothers in every part of the country and during the journey, the traffic lights,

the traffic I always tried to imagine what I would have met, how that mother could be, how much hope she placed in my arrival ...


Post partum It is a phase as beautiful as it is highly destabilizing !

Sleepless nights, indecipherable crying, a body that no longer recognizes itself, breasts that hurt,

breastfeeding that is rarely as we dreamed of, unsolicited advice ,and thousand of doubts

💟 am I doing well?

💟 is my milk enough?

💟Is she crying because she doesn't eat enough?

💟 is the bath temperature correct?

I could go on forever ...from returning home from the hospital to the first year of the child's life, doubts, perplexities, fears, uncertainties take over and make us feel wrong and misunderstood ...

if you need help, contact me and I will try to get to your home as soon as possible


At this stage you can book with me

💟PostNatal Care

💟 Breastfeeding Support

💟Birth scar treatment, I am the creator of a successful international method

💟 Body closure treatment after birth

💟Mother holistic massage

💟 Diastasis treatments

💟 Pelvic floor rehabilitation

💟Postnatal Assessment care

💟Treatments for low breast milk production

💟 Treatments for low energy

💟 Treatments for Postpartum Depression

💟 Treatments for anxiety

💟 Metamorphic massage

💟Treatment for back pain

💟Treatment for chronic pain

💟Draining treatment

💟Toning treatment

💟 Treatment for menstrual discomfort

💟 Baby massage

💟 Baby Reflexology

💟 Yoga mom-baby

Baby Massage 

I am a Lecturer in holistic Female Health to naturopathic  and medical practitioners and I organise annual diploma courses also in Baby Massages  with techniques that respect the various age stages of the infant and child.

There can be no valid technique for every age, stay away from those who teach this, because it brings psychophysical problems to the child.
Each phase needs a different touch that's why I am committed to teaching 7 different techniques to my students.​

My Baby massage  is a real Female circle,
a circle of new mothers where you can compare yourself, receive advice, support and get to know everything you need for the first months of your baby.

 👉 in addition to learning the various techniques, each meeting includes the discussion of a specific topic (we will talk about sleep-wake rhythms, "vices", Physiological Needs, colic, breastfeeding, contraception, pelvic floor, family management ...),

👉I will leave room for your many questions, for comparison, for chatting between mothers ... you will see it will become a real Accompaniment Path for you in the first months of life with the convenience, now also available online, of not having to move and being able to choose to connect from your salon even during the rainy winter days

 👉the baby massage is a real wellness therapy that you can use both in a preventive and curative way. It is the choice of raising your child in high contact with all the benefits on his current and future health.

👉 The baby massage also brings you closer to the sphere of the unspoken, to empathy and will help you to know and better interpret your child's non-verbal language.


You will learn

💟Anticolic baby massage

💟Baby Meridian massage

💟Baby Ayurveda technique

💟Bioenergetic Baby massage

💟 Baby Metamorphic technique

💟Swedish Baby massage

💟Biodynamic Baby massage 

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