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Menstrual Health

15 years ago I introduced holistic menstrual consultancy to Europe,

I am a midwife, so I am an expert by university education in Female hormonal physiology, if you have seen the about me section,

I lived for 7 years in Ireland where I deepened my studies on the menstrual cycle, obtaining the title of

Period coach
Menstrual Practitioner
Womb health educator

Female Shamanic healing
These new specialists have allowed me to improve my work on women's health even further and have allowed me to create a truly successful consultancy and treatments

The consultation takes place online, it lasts for 2 hours and 30 minutes, and starts with tongue analysis (see here for details).

Your tongue will tell me about your decompensation, your hormones, your period, its colors, menstrual clots and much more.

You can request a Menstrual Consultation for

👉 to understand your ciclicity 

👉 Cycle fertility Assessment
👉to learn to live your menstruation peacefully
👉 if your menstrual cycle is irregular - painful
👉 if you suffer from Premenstrual Syndrome - if you have heavy periods
👉 if you have brown menstrual discharge - presence of clots
👉 if you have ovulatory difficulties
👉 if you suffer from recurrent Cystitis - Incontinence
👉if Candida is always with you !
👉 if you suffer from PCOS / endometriosis
👉 if you think you're close to the Climaterio
👉 if they told you that you have a very low ovarian reserve
👉 if you have a history of multiple abortions
👉 if you want to plan your pregnancy
👉 if you suffer from vaginal dryness
👉 if you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / fibromyalgia

👉low libido
👉and much more

Remember menstruation is the basis of Women's Physiology
So the colour, consistency, quantity and rhythm of your menstrual blood tell us about your health.
Blood clots must never be present,

spotting must absolutely never be present,
Brownish color indicates imbalance,

Yellow discharge during ovulation instead of transparent is not physiology,
Breast tenderness, irritability should not be present
This and much more are disharmonies in certain energy systems that must be rebalanced so it does not get worse!

alth, learn to see the menstrual cycle with new eyes, learn to manage it and make it an instrument of Power in your hands.

At the end of our first meeting you will receive:

  • A  personalized rebalancing plan,

  • including food advice, daily advice, herbs and supplements

  • I will teach you Chinese or Ayurvedic medicine self-treatments depending on what I found 

  • I will give you some "homework" to doduring the month to analyze some energy systems highlighted by the consultancy.


Every week  you will send me the evolution of your tongue and of your abdomen at the end of each month we will carry out a New Consultation where we will entirely change the Plan, adapting it to the new evolutions and the results obtained.

You will never be left alone
I will always be by your side!

My work brings the woman
❤️ To re-balance,
❤️ To lighten up,
❤️ To drain herself of physical and emotional toxins,
❤️To find a new feeling of peace, nourishment, confidence in her abilities and love for herself,
❤️ To feel deeply connected to her cycles, Drain and tone the gynecological area
❤️Align with her feminine
❤️ To be happy in her body.

Write me for further details 📞
The cost of the first consultation is 250 euros
it will finally be the way for you too to take control of your he

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