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Menopause Care

Menopause Care

I am a midwife, so I am an expert by university education in female hormonal physiology, 

Then I lived for 7 years in Ireland where I deepened my studies on the menstrual cycle, obtaining the title of

Period coach
Menstrual Practitioner
Womb health educator

Female Shamanic healing

and Menopause Wellnes Coach
These new specialists have allowed me to improve my work on women's health even further and have allowed me to create a truly successful consultancy and treatments

The consultations take place online, it lasts for 2 hours and 30 minutes, and starts with the tongue analysis (see here for details).

Your tongue will tell me about your decompensation, your hormones, your period, its colors, menstrual clots and much more.

The second Spring, as I like to call this phase,
the longest phase of females life, discredited, poorly considered, seen as the end of the beauty, femininity, full of unfounded preconceptions,it is instead greatly Considered and Supported by me, strengthened, Revalued.


If seen with the eyes of Eastern medical sciences, it is the moment of Wisdom, of Flowering again,

by now the Woman knows what she wants, how to achieve it, she knows herself and begins to "clean up" around her,

she divests herself of the superfluous, of superficial relationships and harmful, she develops and must develop, as I always tell my women, a healthy selfishness.

All her life she has dedicated herself to others, to physically and psychologically nourish her family, her context

now is the time to finally think about herself, about her roots and gather the strength and energy typical of this moment to do the accounts and understand what is really missing from her life, how to achieve it and how to deepen the relationship with herself


You could request Menopause Consultancy :

👉 starting from 43 years of age to arrive prepared and energetically balanced to avoid preventable inconveniences

👉 if you are going into early menopause

👉 holistic Gynaecology

👉gut Health

👉low libido

👉irregular period

👉weight loss resistance 

👉 if you want to rebalance your body and stay healthy

👉 as an annual prevention and health check

👉 if you are experiencing hot flashes - restlessness - swelling - insomnia

👉 vaginal dryness - menstrual irregularities

👉 osteoarticular pain

👉 and any discomfort associated with this transition phase

👉 For every female discomfort


👉holistic pelvic care


👉womens support group 

👉energy healing 


You are not destined to suffer as they make us believe,
you are not meant to endure what they tell you to do
you don't have to undergo harmful hormone replacement therapy!


Watch the videos where I explain what happens to the body when it accepts all those harmful hormones!
You can rebalance yourself and you must rebalance yourself in a way that is totally respectful of YOUR health
I don't have to accept therapies that will unbalance you even more!

At the end of our first consultation, once everything is analyzed and we understood
the causes of your inconveniences, we will prepare the general re-balancing plan together
including food and culinary advice,
herbs and synergies of integrated remedies.


I will teach you Chinese or Ayurvedic medicine self-treatments depending on

what is found and
I will give you some "homework" to do
during the month to strengthen some energy systems highlighted by the consultancy.

There are really powerful Ayurvedic medicine herbal remedies that aim to
support blood in its production and quality
support the bone marrow
they enhance cellular regeneration, slowing down aging
support bone health by strengthening them and keeping them strong and healthy,
they keep the genital system toned, keep blood pressure and cholesterol under control,
they promote good circulation especially in the nerve endings,
They also help with the beauty and tone of the skin
and much much more

IN A SWEET AND HEALTHY WAY without any discomfort!
After the first consultation
every week you will send me the evolutionary photo of your tongue and your abdomen.

at the end of each month We will book a New Consultation to entirely modify the plan based on the successes achieved
and completely boost your body

It usually takes 3 months to resolve all your discomforts at the root and

completely rebalance you
but from the first week you will see important changes!
The price of the First Consultation is 250 euros

it will also allow you to quickly resolve any discomfort and prevent further alterations,

bringing back quality, smiles and well-being

in your everyday life!

 Subsequent Consultations are 160 euros

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