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Holistic Midwifery Care

I am over 19 years of career as a Private Midwife ,

I am an expert in Midwifery care, Normal birth, Homebirth, Vbac Birth, Waterbirths, continuity models, Antenatal and Postnatal classes, Prenatal yoga, Hipnobirthing, motivational lessons, prenatal massage , and much more ...

I believe that pregnancy and birth are a normal, natural part of life and

that my job is to ensure your safety and comfort during this time.


The goal of prenatal care is to monitor the progress of the baby's development and

to identify potential problems before they become serious for the expectant mother or baby.


During the first appointment, the client will provide me with a complete health and pregnancy

history so that I can identify any problems that may arise during the pregnancy.


During these appointments, the family will have the opportunity to discuss their personal needs,

 previous birth experiences, as well as fears and expectations for the pregnancy.


Through education and natural therapies I help pregnant women reach

their full health potential and and experience birth as a powerful female experience.

I'm  dedicated to making every pregnancy and birth the best experience possible

by pampering the mom the whole nine months.

I see my clients regularly for prenatal care on the usual schedule .

Pregnancy is a Spiritual process. 
It requires Presence and Awareness ... 
You must be aware that you are introducing into the Earthly World a Soul that belongs to the Other World ... 
You must be aware that she/he  has chosen you for her/him evolutionary Path, ...
you have an important task... you agreed to be a link between these Two Worlds ...

Stop ... Listen to what she has to say, what she must teach you ... ..

you savor every moment of these magical 9 months...

you are opening a Portal .. The portal...

A great Door between the Two Worlds ..

and I as an holistic Midwife I find myself to be the Guardian of this Magical door ...

and this requires Awareness, Acceptance and Dedication ...
Giving birth is a fundamental life process that offers you and your family the opportunity for great joy , personal growth and changes.

Such an important journey  wants the personal care, attention and company of an Holistic midwife .

I have trained in many modalities over the 19 years of my career ( ayurvedic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, homeopatic remedies, massages, yoga, reflexology, cristal therapy, aromaterapy...) which has given me a variety of knowledge and skills , to take care of women in a personalized way.

Here you will find the services that as a holistic midwife i can offer you:


🌸Midwifery care - labour and Birth

🌸 Antenatal Classes - Birth preparation

🌸motivational birth classes

🌸Prenatal Yoga 

🌸  Hipnobirthing


🌸Natural Labour Induction



🌸Ayurvedic & Tradtional Cinese Medicine Consultations for Pregnancy wellbeing

🌸morning sickness treatments

🌸Hemorrhoids Treatments

🌸 Pregnancy Discomfort Treatments


🌸Prenatal Singing for health, safety and painless childbirth


🌸 Preparation for Pelvic floor & Perineum Massage 

🌸Holistic Cephalic Version For Breech

🌸 Prenatal massages

🌸Post partum home visit for mum & baby 

🌸breastfeeding advice and support

🌸Crystal Therapies,


🌸Birth Scars Treatment

🌸Stress/ 🌸 Anxiety/ 🌸 Insomnia/ 🌸 Panic Attack /🌸 Depression Treatments

🌸 Reiki 

🌸 and so on 

Prenatal Yoga