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Traditional Cinese Medicine

Moxibustion, Acupressur and Holistic Consultation
 they can be combined easily with modern midwifery to achieve balance and health for women during their entire journey from teens to post-menopause


Gynecological imbalancese are very successfully treated with moxibustion and herbal medicine and represent holistic options for those who wish to avoid medical intervention with drugs where possible.


  • ·         Irregular Menstruation

  • ·         Amenorrhea

  • ·         Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

  • ·         PMS/PMDD

  • ·         Painful Periods

  • ·         Vaginal Itching / Yeast Infections

  • ·         STD’s

  • ·         Endometriosis

  • ·         PCOS

  • ·         Infertility

  • ·         Menopause


When natural changes become uncomfortable, there is something out of balance within the body. When the body is functioning properly in that balance, menopause should be almost unnoticeable.

Symptoms of menopause that could mean your body is not in balance are:

  • ·         Insomnia

  • ·         Hot Flashes

  • ·         Night Sweats

  • ·         Weight Gain

  • ·         Depression

  • ·         Aching Joints

  • ·         Anxiety

  • ·         Vaginal or skin dryness

  • ·         Low Libido

  • ·         Irregular Periods

fertile phase:
  • ·          PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome)
  • ·         Endometriosis

  • ·         Ovarian or Uterine Cysts or Fibroids

  • ·         Hypothyroidism

  • ·         Irregular Menstrual Cycles 

  • ·         Amenorrhea

  • ·         Poor Sperm Motility or Count

  • ·         Poor Egg Quality

  • ·         Luteal Phase Defect

  • ·         Unexplained Infertility

  • ·         Recurring Pregnancy Loss


The benefits to using Holistic medicine  by itself to conceive are:

  1. No side effects

  2.  Effective in regulating the menstrual cycle

  3. Works on the root cause to create a healthy pregnancy

  4. Relaxing and non-invasive treatments

  5. Individualized treatments modified to fit each individual

  6. Cost effective: Overall costs 70% less than 1 cycle of IVF

  7. Emotional support by the practitioner


The combination of herbs, moxibustion, and lifestyle changes can make a significant difference in managing auto-immune diseases by treating the imbalance that caused the hyper activation of the immune system.


A properly functioning thyroid system plays a critical role in your overall health, metabolism, hormone balance, mood regulation, fertility and energy.

Thyroid conditions can be treated with a variety of holistic methods including herbal medicine, nutritional counseling  and more.

Pregnancy can sometimes bring challenges that moxibustion and herbal medicine can help alleviate or correct by using methods that are safe for both mother and baby.

More and more women are choosing natural methods to aid them in experiencing health and well-being through their pregnancies and births. Moxibustion and Holistic Medicine have been used in the world for thousands of years to help regulate the female reproductive system and can be combined easily with modern midwifery to achieve balance and health for women during their entire birthing journey from pre-conception to post-partum.

  • ·         Morning Sickness

  • ·         Back & Sciatica Pain

  • ·         Breech Presentation

  • ·         Anxiety

  • ·         Fatigue

  • ·         Heartburn

  • ·         Insomnia

  • ·         Constipation

  • ·         Edema

  • ·         Urinary Infections

  • ·         Early Contractions

  • ·         Colds/Flu


Pre-Birth Moxbustion & Acupressure

can help the body to achieve a healthy balance and regular pre-natal visits can help to maintain this with monthly or weekly moxibustion treatments tailored specifically to each woman’s individual needs. Moxibustion several weeks before your due date can help reduce the risks of going too far past the due date.



Labor Preparation

Moxibustion is a gentle, safe alternative to artificial induction of labor. Using specific acupuncture points, we gently encourage the body to produce labor hormones and start contractions. At the same time, we are assessing any positional problems or other factors that could be leading to a delay in the start of labor


Postpartum Care

After a baby is born it is extremely important to replenish the energy and health of the mother. There are many changes both physically and emotionally that take place during pregnancy and childbirth and moxibustion and Holistic medicine can provide support naturally for this time, including:

·         Mastitis

·         Insufficient or Excessive Lactation

·         Postpartum Depression

·         Edema

·         Postpartum Bleeding

·         Hemorrhoids

·         Constipation

·         Fatigue

·         Insomnia

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