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Female Yoga 

👉Hormonal Female Yoga
👉Prenatal Yoga
👉Young Girls Yoga
👉Yoga mom-baby
👉Fibromyalgia yoga 

My yoga does not include complex but very simple positions that act on a hormonal level
to strengthen the body or to heal it.


it is a yoga that will help you connect with your Feminine Power ...
it will help you connect with the lunar rhythms 🌛🌕🌜 that we women need for our hormonal and emotional balance ...
My lesson lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes and takes place around a large Central female Altar, Candles, aromatherapy, motivational phrases (see photos).


During my classes I play my various Shamanic drums which help us connect with our heartbeat and tune into the heartbeat of Mother Earth.
💕 in each class you will work and strengthen your pelvic floor
💕 you will experiment various breathing techniques depending on the objective of the lesson,
💕 You will work with the Chakras to allow your hormonal system to be perfect and stay healthy ...
💕 you will experience the chanting of healing and rehabilitating mantras,
💕 we will sing Sacred Female mantras to release our hidden feelings,
💕 you will experience the vibrations of my healing Tuning forks,
      all perfectly mixed to balance your hormonal system, loosen and tone your muscles, strengthen your spine, increase your well-being

The proven benefits of my classes, depending on your age are:
💕 Elimination of hot flashes and symptoms typical of menopause
💕 Reduced elimination of PMS ....
💕 Regularization of the menstrual period
💕 Stress reduction
💕 Improvement of blood circulation

💕 elimination of swelling, hemorrhoids ...
💕 Restoration of vaginal pH .. prevention of candida ...
💕 Reactivation and rehabilitation of the pelvic floor
💕 Rebalancing of women's power centers
💕 Relief for joints, back, muscle extension ...
💕 Strengthening of the immune system

💕 General well-being

💕 Prepare for childbirth : we will consciously prepare our mind, we will relax and open our body to labor, we will open our hearts to the emotions and energies of the 9 months and we will prepare our soul to welcome our baby from beyond ... 💕 Prenatal Yoga, Moon to Moon 🌛🌕🌜

Prenatal Yoga

In one Course ... the benefits of multiple disciplines to Accompany, support and maintain your 9 months

in physiology and prepare you optimally for the time of delivery ....

as only an HOLISTIC MIDWIFE  knows and can do ...



💕you will learn the correct breathing for 9 months and for labor,
💕 you will learn to activate the pelvic floor so as to avoid the famous cut at the time of delivery,
💕you will learn visualizations and relaxation techniques so as to get prepared physically

   and mentally at birth
💕 you will learn the famous and important MotherHood  Song,
💕you will learn the correct positions to shorten the time of your labor and to reduce the typical problems  of the 9 months such as back pain, symphysis pains, vomiting, nausea,
💕you will learn the correct boost to accompany your child to the world in a gentle way ...


in short, a complete course AS ONLY ONE MIDWIFE  CAN DO IT to reach the pre-set goals we will use:

🌛🌕🌜Respiratory re-education

🌛🌕🌜Gravitational gravity Hata yoga 

🌛🌕🌜Re-equilibrium of the Energy Centers

🌛🌕🌜Teaching of 6 Makko-ho and Dosha divided by trimester of pregnancy

🌛🌕🌜Art Therapy

🌛🌕🌜Music therapy applied to exercise

🌛🌕🌜Chromotherapy applied to 9 months

🌛🌕🌜Plantar self-reflexology techniques to attenuate and prevent the classic gravidic disorders

🌛🌕🌜Activation and discovery of the pelvic floor

The physical activity aimed at the time when the pregnant woman is located allows:

the dissolution of tension, the work of introspection, helps to make a conscious choice, to find an answer, to listen internally, to know oneself in a deeper way, to strengthen one's inner resources, to support the opening of pregnancy and to prepare physical and mind at birth and all that follows.


It therefore helps to work on all bodily, behavioral, emotional, hormonal levels coming to directly influence your endocrine balance, neurovegetative, placental function allowing you to help you free Endorfine ...


 Studies show that these tecniques  have a strong prevention impact compared to many complications:

🌛They promote placental circulation

🌛They encourage maternal adaptation

🌛They tone up the muscles without tiring them

🌛They promote a healthy circulation of blood

🌛They balance the neuro-endocrine system

🌛They stabilize emotions

🌛Promote the correct presentation of the fetus, helps him to put himself upside down

🌛They prevent back pain with related pelvic tensions

🌛They prevent premature birth

🌛They help to contain the child

🌛They teach awareness to the woman

🌛They help to recognize areas of "tension and imbalance" in the body

🌛Increased flexibility and relaxation capacity

🌛Mitigate the classic "nuisances" of pregnancy: nausea, vomiting, headache, swelling, heartburn

🌛They help to manage the dynamics of labor and delivery because it works like the contraction and relaxation pain we will see

🌛They help to control postpartum depressive states

🌛prepare for the "giving birth" experience

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