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Infertility & Family Health

Are you thinking of getting pregnant?
Are you having trouble getting pregnant?
Have you undertaken an Assisted Reproduction process?
Have you been told that your ovarian reserve is low?
Have you been told that your uterus is unhealthy?
Does your husband have low sperm quality?
Do you have current miscarriages?
Had assisted reproductive techniques not worked?
Do you suffer from polycystic ovary?

Don't despair ! 
I have helped hundreds of couples get pregnant!


I have been working on fertility for over 18 years and in my career I have seen impossible situations become real!

When you change your approach
When you stop blaming your body,
when you start to cleanse yourself,
when you create mental and physical space for the child, his Soul always arrives!


Conception is a journey that requires change, you have to change your lifestyle, you have to understand which foods are good for your constitution, how to purify your gut, your liver, how to increase your energy and your oxygenation.


Would you ever move into a dirty and uninhabited house for a long time?
Why should your child do it?


It must be understood that the uterus must be cleaned, drained, warmed or refreshed depending on your situation, softened or toned. The body must be prepared for the entry of the new Soul in the best possible way.

Do you know that the health of the mom and the dad at the time of conception will affect the health of the baby?

Do you know that the state of alteration is inherited?

Do you know that your child deserves to start life in a fabulous place that gives him the peace, security and serenity to be and become a good person?


I will also accompany you and your partner on this journey of preparation for conscious conception.

It will take 3 months and then with your new body and mind you will also welcome your baby.


The first consultation lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes, takes place online, and we will start by the analysis of your's and your partner's tongue (see here for more information)
From the tongue we will understand the alteration and work to heal it.
In 2 hours and 30 minutes we will explore everything about you and your partner, we will understand which path to take and together we will prepare the entire monthly holistic therapeutic plan to follow carefully.

Every week you will send me a photo of your tongue from which I will understand how you are doing and I will keep everything under control.


The cost of the First Consultation is 390 euros
it will be a real Journey of Reconnection and Restoration of Reproductive Health and not only that, we will create the foundations of family health and create suitable ground for the healthy development of your child.



  • first consultation lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes

• the weekly analysis of Your Tongue and Your Abdomen with targeted advice every week!
• The entire uterine, sperm and eggs rebalancing and holistic drainage plan with personal strengthening plan
• The Chinese Nutriceutical Nutrition Plan specific to your situation
• Hundreds of Video Recipes, recorded to help you cook in a healthier and more targeted way for your situation
• the list of all personalized remedies and help in finding them
• Also daily support via whatapp 
• A Professional always at your disposal 24 hours a day
The cost of subsequent checks is 250 euros

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